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[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Horse Race Analyzer (A H T I)

Keywords: race; horse; analyzer; ratings; racing; handicapping; fst; races; daily; speed; latest wmkouts; speed rating; horse race; post position; race analyzer; racing form; best speed; speed ratings; daily racing; manhattan queen
Downloads: 379
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Zodiac (Coleco)

Keywords: les; des; vous; votre; pour; mode; une; dans; sur; est; deux dates; dans les; daily preview; horoscope mode; prediction journaliere; evitez les; mode horoscope; preview mode; mode prediction; tombe entre
Downloads: 252
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Caveman (Tomy)

Keywords: caveman; egg; dinosaur; volcanic; stone; ama; score; game; cave; cavemen; stone axe; egg counter; shoot button; dinosaur caveman; score reaches; power switch
Downloads: 181
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Master Merlin (Parker Bros)

Keywords: merlin; master; press; blinking; score; buttons; player; skill; master merlin; select; parker brothers; skill levels; press computer; solid lights; skill level; computer turn; secret number; blinking lights; correct guesses
Downloads: 170
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Brain Baffler (Mattel)

Keywords: game; press; word; numbers; player; letter; score; letters; flash; opponent; entered word; mattel electronics; press game; guide numbers; score wins; game turn; third degree; turn brain; high score; correct word
Downloads: 157
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Diamond Hunt (Vtech)

Keywords: button; game; pressing; press; hunter; time; display; diamond; jump; alarm; diamond hunter; press set; setting display; set button; three times
Downloads: 153
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Firefox F7 (Grandstand)

Keywords: energy; enemy; phase; game; level; lose; spaceship; fighters; score; joy; energy base; enemy fighter; joy stick; enemy energy; energy unit; game phase; energy units; skill level; enemy fighters; shots fired
Downloads: 143
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Backgammon (Mattel)

Keywords: dice; cube; backgammon; men; opponent; doubling; computer; game; move; roll; dice roll; cube option; inner board; electronics repair; doubling cube; double dice; repair center; number key; mattel electronics; victory tune
Downloads: 120
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Marble Madness (Tiger)

Keywords: game; tiger; warranty; electronic; ball; acl; ttie; maze; illinois; walls; tiger electronic; warranty period; direction control; electronic toys
Downloads: 118
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Merlin (Parker Bros)

Keywords: merlin; press; buttons; mystery; magic; opponent; lights; parker; digits; tune; blinking light; teach merlin; parker brothers; numbered buttons; press computer; computer turn; lose sound; magic square; mystery number; steady lights
Downloads: 116
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Pac Man (Tomy)

Keywords: pac; monsters; man; segment; bait; adapter; monster; points; game; screen; pac man; power switch
Downloads: 105
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Deep Diver (Vtech)

Keywords: button; game; pressing; display; time; alarm; diver; octopus; setting; press; setting display
Downloads: 97
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Auto Race (Mattel)

Keywords: mattel; warranty; seconds; electronics; repair; game; laps; race; gear; auto; mattel electronics; electronics repair; warranty period; auto race
Downloads: 96
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Space Shuttle (Wing Group)

Keywords: adapter; shuttle; batteries; battery; terminals; space; insert; game; planes; remove
Downloads: 95
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Hockey (Bambino)

Keywords: attacker; offensive; game; directional; puck; button; offense; defense; rink; goalkeeper; attacker moves; time remaining; offensive attacker; limited warranty; ice hockey; simply press; score visitor; offense directional; hockey game; skill level
Downloads: 92
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Super Cobra (Entex)

Keywords: entex; game; adapter; button; helicopter; fuel; cobra; skill; super; missile; speed control; game speed; skill level; bomb button; super cobra; west artesia; missile button; plays mountain
Downloads: 90
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Pocket Simon (Milton Bradley)

Keywords: pocket; simon; signals; sequence; battery; game; skill; repeat; player; switch; turn pocket; size batteries; pocket simon; volt transistor; skill level; selector switch; longest sequence; level switch; transistor battery; milton bradley
Downloads: 87
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Basketball (Bambino)

Keywords: game; dribble; defense; basketball; display; team; score; button; ball; directional; game clock; visitor team; skill level; display button; start button; shoot button; game statistics; limited warranty; basketball dribble; time prior
Downloads: 86
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Comp I V (Milton Bradley)

Keywords: comp; entry; digits; entries; game; output; correct; player; output entries; entries output; milton bradley; secret number; bradley company; ready light
Downloads: 84
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Puck Monster (Gakken)

Keywords: puckman; monster; adaptor; score; maze; eats; switch; monsters; warp; energy; puckman eats; select switch; paddle switch
Downloads: 83
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Game Machine (Waddingtons)

Keywords: game; key; machine; player; button; pressing; code; press; game machine; target; battery case; target pattern; key number; grand prix; black jack; code hunter; race car; shooting gallery; start key
Downloads: 81
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Computer Perfection (Lakeside)

Keywords: game; lights; button; skill; mode; set; computer; player; buttons; press; lakeside games; game controls; skill level; time delay; computer perfection; light number; delay signal; blue game; set button; game buttons
Downloads: 81
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Electronic Quarterback (Coleco)

Keywords: coleco; ball; pass; display; selector; battery; carrier; yards; game; field; press display; pass receiver; ball carrier; place play; play selector; time remaining; remaining visitor; field position; display key; running plays
Downloads: 78
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Quiz Wiz Challenger (Coleco)

Keywords: game; coleco; players; step; warranty; cartridge; battery; color; quiz book; quiz; battery compartment; question number; color marker; playing station; coleco battery; question selection; electronic tune
Downloads: 78
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Thomas The Tank Engine (Grandstand)

Keywords: thomas; game; wagon; adaptor; james; display; parts; button; engine; control; water tank; red engine; start button; control button; power switch; coal wagon; flat wagon; fat controller; left control; open wagon
Downloads: 70
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Total Control4 (Coleco)

Keywords: defensive; offensive; offense; game; players; coleco; defense; control; goalie; selector; deep safety; control sticks; control stick; left control; skill level; manual defense; volt alkaline; stick directs; total control; ball carrier
Downloads: 68
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Superstar Football (Bambino)

Keywords: field; game; blockers; kick; ball; formation; button; defense; display; pass; limited warranty; kick button; football game; field position; field goal; playing field; quarter time; lead blockers; superstar football; formation button
Downloads: 66
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Invader From Space (Epoch)

Keywords: game; missile; invaders; invader; ufo; readout; score; digital; displayed; level; invaders appear; invader hit; digital score; missile base; score readout; press start; control lever; missile bases; start button; intercept control
Downloads: 65
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Game Machine Score (Waddingtons)

Keywords: points; total; bonus; zag; race; random; zig; game; games; cycle; zag zig; random random; bonus points; zig zag; total points; bank balance; cycle cycle; points bonus; points total; games total
Downloads: 60
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Gin Rummy (Entex)

Keywords: cards; dealer; press; hand; meld; discard; matched; player; turn game; game; matched set; gin rummy; cards face; turned face; unmatched cards; sound effects; dealer knocks; matched cards; games won
Downloads: 60
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Arcade Attack (Tomy)

Keywords: target; laser; missile; arcade; switch; fired; ama; ships; game; recharge; target ships; power switch
Downloads: 59
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Alien Attack (Coleco)

Keywords: defense; ship; alien; coleco; aliens; skill; direction; game; move; fire; move button; fire button; defense ship; cell alkaline; direction stick; ship appears; defense ships; starting position; alien flight
Downloads: 58
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Soccer (Bambino)

Keywords: game; goalkeeper; directional; button; display; offense; pitch; defense; soccer; shoot; half time; player game; display button; goalkeeper directional; time remaining; limited warranty; banana shot; soccer game; shoot button; defensive players
Downloads: 58
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: U F O Master Blaster (Bambino)

Keywords: ufo; game; score; altitude; rating; warranty; missile; blaster; battery; computerized; game rating; speed control; limited warranty; total game; rating game
Downloads: 57
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Amaze A Tron (Coleco)

Keywords: player; program; green; maze; square; marker; game; display; select button; start; wrong move; press start; program select; display indicates; press program; blind alley; green light; green player; plastic mover
Downloads: 56
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Slimline Speedway (Tomy)

Keywords: button; accel; jam; pressing; press; turn; cars; game; left turn; buttons; press select; minute time; jam car; slimline speedway; accel button; select button; turn button; control buttons; circuit racing
Downloads: 56
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Classic Football (Bambino)

Keywords: game; field; blockers; team; display; score; defense; ball; pass; kick; football game; display screen; visitor team; limited warranty; field position; game statistics; loud whistle; field goal; lead blockers; automatic runback
Downloads: 55
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Programmable Baseball (U S Games)

Keywords: baseball; game; batter; inning; outfield; warranty; pressing; electronic; signalled; ball; electronic baseball; red led; batter key; baseball game
Downloads: 53
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Monster Burger (Tomy)

Keywords: super; dragon; adaptor; game; warp; switch; tomy; monster; devil; button; super dragons; sound switch; super dragon; control buttons; power switch; warehouse door; crash button; warp tunnel; monster devil; ice cream
Downloads: 53
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Pair Match (Bandai)

Keywords: game; player; matching; batteries; players; pairs; cursor; panels; side; select; green side; skill level; red side; matching pairs; equal number; players share
Downloads: 53
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Pac Man Watch (Nelsonic)

Keywords: press; alarm; pacman; mode; desired; normal; ghost; game; score; depress; normal time; ghost monsters; time mode
Downloads: 53
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Soccer Space War (Tommy)

Keywords: ball; score; game; space; team; soccer; led; display; indicated; spaceship; score display; score key; ball carrier; game selector; push buttons; space war
Downloads: 53
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Digits (Coleco)

Keywords: code; coleco; secret; digits; display; game; status; battery; correct; warranty; keyboard numbers; secret code; tally sheet; code number; match wits; transistor battery; status display
Downloads: 52
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Dunk N Sunk (K Mart)

Keywords: submarine; destroyer; ballcarrier; led; game; defenders; ball; warranty; flashing; product; team controls; flashing led
Downloads: 51
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Baseball (Mattel)

Keywords: hit; base; batter; runner; ball; key; bases; scoreboard; presses; pitch; strike zone; scoreboard registers; player presses; electronics repair; score key; warranty period; presses pitch; second base; mattel electronics; running speed
Downloads: 51
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Space Invader (Gakken)

Keywords: missile; invader; launcher; ufo; lid; switch; invaders; adaptor; lever; batteries; missile launcher
Downloads: 51
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Safari (Bambino)

Keywords: cage; game; animals; capture; button; catch; points; score; bonus; safari; power switch; computer brain; skill level; cage moves; catch button; start button; bonus counter; safari game; limited warranty; cage control
Downloads: 50
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: B M X Flyer (Grandstand)

Keywords: bmx; rider; game; wheelie; score; key; switch; mains; universal; jump; highest score; grandstand universal; bmx rider; mad rider; power switch; jump key; universal mains; wheelie key; bmx riders
Downloads: 49
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Touch Me (Atari)

Keywords: game; touch; button; skill; signal; player; signals; sequence; press; quence; start button; game press; skill levels; highest score; skill button
Downloads: 48
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Astro Wars (Grandstand)

Keywords: game; skill; enemy; button; level; docking; ships; earth; fighters; ship; game display; enemy command; skill level; command ships; earth ship; select button; fire button; joy stick; level select; start button
Downloads: 48
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